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I was recently on the hunt for a dessert place that consisted of more than just ice cream. I wanted something more, something a little more rare. I was in for quite a treat when I stumbled upon West Village’s Forbidden Fruit This dessert treasure offers an extensive menu of fruits that can be dipped in many different types of chocolate. Read More @

3 Healthier Halloween Candy Ideas

This new West Village shop stocks all kinds of fresh fruit—covered in chocolate. For Halloween, they’re selling the most adorable little jack-o-lanterns ever, made by dipping a fresh clementine in your choice of milk or dark chocolate—so kids will get an immune-boosting dose of vitamin C for cold and flu season.

Trick or Treat: The Best Halloween Sweets

The chocolate-covered fruit shop, located in the West Village, is the perfect spot to enjoy the holiday guilt-free. Every morning, the fun new shop makes fresh chocolate-covered clementine jack-o-lanterns ($4.50) that are the perfect way to curb your sweet tooth and pretty much the cutest treat you can buy! Can't make it to the store? They also deliver within the neighborhood! Talk about trick-or-treating!

NYC’s 10 Best Halloween Treats & Dessert

Looking for a treat that won’t ruin your diet this Halloween? Stop by Forbidden Fruit in the West Village, where they’ve turned little seedless clementines into seasonally appropriate faux-pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, dipped in dark or milk chocolate complete with edible sugar details. These fruit and chocolate treats are perfect to get some Vitamin C in with your dessert.

Trick or Treat, Give me Something Good to Eat!

Looking for a guiltless Halloween treat? Head on over to Forbidden Fruit for their Chocolate Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns; clementines dipped in milk or dark chocolate with cute sugar details. You can’t go wrong with this delicious and healthful Halloween treat.

Forbidden Fruit NYC – I’ll Allow It!

I love sweets. I don’t usually eat them because food writing can be quite dangerous to my waistline and I enjoy being reasonably thin and healthy. Since I just started doing Insanity (I never want to hear the words “push harder” again), I figured it would be ok to accept samples of Forbidden Fruit.

The 6 Best Low Calorie Summer Desserts in NYC

When fruit is dipped into chocolate, do the calories even count? If they do, we don’t mind one bit when looking for sweets at Forbidden Fruit, a West Village shop dedicated to fresh fruit dipped in indulgent chocolates. Try the sexy chocolate dipped strawberries to stir up romance or share a cup of fruit drizzled with chocolate to share. Choose a fruit, choose a chocolate and you can even choose a topping, like coconut to make your low calorie dessert even sweeter. --Sarah Shaker via @CBSNewYork

WABC : Secret Sales

Everything tastes better when it's dipped in chocolate. Forbidden Fruit NYC creates Belgian chocolate dipped and dripped fruit confections. Customize your treat exactly how you like it with a variety of fruit and chocolate choices, pair long stemmed strawberries with anything from white chocolate to shredded coconut. Read More via WABC ch.7 NY

Where Can I Find The Perfect Mention

Sugar cravings and swimsuit season can mean big trouble, but one new West Village sweet shop is offering the perfect solution. Meet Forbidden Fruit NYC, a bite-size dessert destination specializing in one thing: Chocolate covered fruit.

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Thre's a new place in Greenwich Village that's sole reason for existance is to sell you chocolate-dipped fruit. --Grub Street